I attempt to make art that exposes the natural world out of balance. To me, the beauty of a landscape must be viewed with a heightened awareness of the vulnerable/fragile state of nature. To do otherwise ignores the perils of global warming and the precipice to which it has pushed us. Contemporary life has mangled our ancient psychic connection to the natural world. I want my landscapes, taken in jungles, rain forests and on coastlines around the world, to help restore that fundamental connection. These are beautiful, pristine places on the verge of destruction, development or degradation. Once gone, their healing power -pyschological and physical-is lost forever. The large format of the photographs simultaneously reduces and enhances the distance between viewer and vista. This is an integral part of experiencing the work. I paint and draw or write on the surface to illuminate the vulnerability of nature’s perceived beauty. The markings are a wake up call to experience the natural world as an animate being, to see it subjectively, rather than objectively as that which is “out there”. We are in need of a collective healing of the world, and a concurrent restoration of balance to nature. These images are my contribution to that effort.

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